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Current Editions

Some of our curricula have gone through revisions and updates. This page summarizes important changes. The dates in parentheses next to the product title show the current copyright date. Feel free to call or e-mail if you have additional questions.

America the Beautiful (2011)

In 2010 we published a short run of America the Beautiful. The first and second semester textbooks had a perfect binding as they do now, but the supplemental books were put together in a three-ring binder. We made mostly cosmetic changes to the complete version published in 2011.

Exploring America (2014)

The first edition of Exploring America was published in 2002. For the second edition, we redesigned the lessons and added many new illustrations. We eliminated the three separate document books (World's Great Speeches, Documentary History of the United States, and 101 Great American Poems), and created our own one-volume book of speeches, documents, poetry, and short stories called American Voices.

All three books in the new edition are in a paperback binding rather than a spiral binding. The second edition covers essentially the same material as the first, but Ray Notgrass rewrote and reorganized many of the lessons. The units do not exactly match up, so using the old and new editions together would be difficult.

The Quiz & Exam Book for the first edition is available for purchase as a digital download.

Exploring Economics (2009)

This is the only edition of Exploring Economics.

Exploring Government (2008)

The first edition of Exploring Government was published in 2006. The current paperback edition has a completely redesigned page layout with many new illustrations. Ray Notgrass made some changes to the text, but the lesson content is essentially the same as the original edition.

Exploring World History (2014)

The first edition of Exploring World History was published in 2004. The current paperback edition is essentially the same as the previous coil-bound edition. The page numbering is the same, though we made some minor updates and corrections to the text.

The only major difference is in the supplemental book In Their Words. The earliest printings of In Their Words (coil-bound) did not include the play "Everyman". The play was assigned as a separate book. So, if you are using an old edition of the text with a new edition of In Their Words or vice versa, then some of the page numbers for assigned readings in In Their Words in the lessons will not match the actual page numbers in In Their Words.

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