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K-8 Resources

We offer two full-year courses for ages 10-14. Uncle Sam and You introduces children to American government and civics, while America the Beautiful covers history, literature, and geography.

We have a homeschool record-keeping book that provides a straightforward and effective system to help you focus on the most important things in training your child.

Draw to Learn is an art and Bible study series that helps your child hide God's word in his heart and develop his art skills at the same time. Learn to Draw provides basic drawing instruction.

The Walking In series of workbooks by Mary Evelyn McCurdy will guide your child through a Bible study with fun puzzles and writing assignments. We also have unit studies to enhance your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

Get encouragement for your homeschooling journey with a book for mom, and the whole family can enjoy one of our historical dramas on DVD performed by homeschooled students and graduates.

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